Join us everywhere!

We host Live Weekly Discord Events every Thursday at 17:30 UTC.

These events usually last 30-60 minutes and are a great way to catch up with the latest news on the project, play some games (and earn a little something) and connect directly with the Core Building Team.

👾 Discord http://discord.gg/H9DH3z2bTV

✖ī¸ Twitter/X (GAME) https://twitter.com/PlayTGE (@PlayTGE)

✖ī¸ Twitter/X (GLMR APES DAO): https://twitter.com/GLMRApes (@GLMRapes)

📱Telegram: https://t.me/+ziGQHawfZ3ZhYTk0

📰 Medium: https://medium.com/@playthegreatescape

🌐 Website: https://www.playtge.com/

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