🕹️ Gameplay

Have fun in the Jungle!
The Great Escape is a thrilling hyper casual plateformer game with a tropical vibe. Embark with your ape for a fun fruit picking adventure!
Here's how to play:


You control an adventurous ape character on a dynamic map and your goal is to score as high as possible within the given 120-second time limit.
To achieve this, you'll need to collect various fruits while avoiding their rotten counterparts, navigate through enemies, and strategize to maximize your score.

The Fruits

Apes love them! Collect fruits to score points, but beware the rotten ones!

Collecting Fruits:

Roam the map and collect as many good fruits as you can within the time limit. Different fruits yield different point values:
  • 🍌 Bananas: +70 points per fruit
  • 🍍 Pineapples: +47 points per fruit
  • 🥭 Mangoes: +29 points per fruit
  • 🥥 Coconuts: +17 points per fruit
  • 🍉 Watermelons: +12 points per fruit

Avoiding Rotten Fruits:

Watch out for rotten fruits, distinguished by their slightly different color and dim pale green aura. Consuming them will result in a score penalty:
  • 🍌 Rotten Bananas: -6 points per fruit
  • 🍍 Rotten Pineapples: -12 points per fruit
  • 🥭 Rotten Mangoes: -20 points per fruit
  • 🥥 Rotten Coconuts: -26 points per fruit
  • 🍉 Rotten Watermelons: -30 points per fruit


Life is not all rosy in the Jungle...

Encounter Enemies:

Numerous enemies populate each map and can harm your ape character. When an enemy touches you, your health decreases.
Keep an eye on your health bar, indicated by the blinking red aura when damaged. If your health drops to 0, the game session ends.

Defeating Enemies:

While enemies pose a threat, they also offer a chance to earn score points. Jump on top of enemies or shoot them with your banana gun to eliminate them and gain points based on their size:
  • Big enemies: 6 to 10 points
  • Medium-sized enemies: 11 to 15 points
  • Small enemies: 16 to 20 points

Bonuses to Boost Your Score:

Unlock strategic advantages by obtaining bonuses during gameplay:
  • Fruit Score Bonus: Equip the Apemocrat badge to gain an extra score percentage based on its class (Bronze, Silver, Golden, or Diamond).
  • Enemy Score Bonus: Equip the Ape Wrath badge to receive additional score points for defeating enemies.
  • A, P, E, S Letters: Collect these letters in the game to earn 25 points per letter. Gather all four letters to receive an extra 50 points. Equipping The Letter Badge doubles all bonus points obtained.
  • HP Left Bonus: Any remaining health points at the end of the game session will be converted to additional score points (1 HP = 2 points).
  • Time Bonus: Stay alive for as long as possible. The Time Bonus starts when the game clock reaches 59 seconds.
Immerse yourself in "The Great Escape" and strive to achieve the highest score possible. Best of luck on your thrilling tropical adventure!

The Apes

There are 5+1 species of apes in the game, that can be separated into 3 distinct categories: Gibbons, GLMR Jungle (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans,Bonobos) and GLMR APES.
These apes are all playable as in-game characters.
As the game is 100% free-to-play, all new players automatically receive a FREE, soulbound Gibbon character that they can upgrade all the way from level 1 to level 20.
🐵 Gibbons
🦧 GLMR Jungle
🔢 NFT Supply
🔄️ Rent/Lend
No (soulbound)
👛 Purchasable
No (soulbound)
Yes (marketplace)
Yes (marketplace)
↗️ Upgradable
Yes (lvl 1 to lvl 20)
⏰ Games/ Lock Time
3 games/ 8 hours
1 game / 12 hours
1 game / 24 hours
🏆 Classic Prize Pool
🕹️ Game session fee
🪙 Automated Rewards
⚔️ Battle of the Apes
💎 GLMA-only Prize Pool