✈️ On-boarding process

Get in the closed beta and get your Gibbon character

Check your emails

If you are on the waiting list, we might invite you to join the next tournament during which you will also be to register and join the closed beta.

⚠️ Beware of potential scammers and check carefully that the email has been sent by the following address: gm@playtge.com

Usually, a special link will be created for the Tournament registration, but we also sometimes let players register directly on our website.

In both case, you will first need to create a player accoun in order to join the closed beta.

Create your player's account

  1. Follow us on X/Twitter (@PlayTGE)

  2. Enter your email address, and Twitter name

  3. Connect your wallet

  4. Create your password

  5. Click on "register" to create your account. The account creation process takes approximately 12 seconds (transaction time from Moonbeam chain) and is completely free since our game is gasless.

Time to play!

After creating your player's account, you will need to wait for about 12 seconds (for the gas-less transaction to go through) and will see a confirmation message on the website. As your account is created, you will automatically receive a soulbound test gibbon character.

This gibbon will be your in-game avatar in the closed beta and allows you to play for free.

You will then be able to return to the email (or directly on the website) and choose to play either on your browser (for desktop or laptop) or on mobile (for smartphones).

Congratulations! You are now ready to play!

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