🎮 Introduction

Welcome to the Jungle!

The Great Escape is a new generation hyper-casual, play and earn game available on browser and mobile.

Players run on a map with an ape character to collect fruits, kill enemies and avoid traps in order to score as high as possible within a 120-second time limit.

The game has been developed for over a year and is currently being tested in closed beta by over 1000 players.

We are iterating and testing as many things as we can before making the beta available to the public in order to offer a really smooth gaming experience.

You can get access to the closed beta.

Players can only gain access a few times per month, when we open the registrations for the frequent tournaments we organize. During these times, we send invitations to players registered on our waiting list.

You can join the waiting list now simply by entering your email address on www.playtge.com .We can't wait to welcome you to the Jungle!

The game will remain in closed beta until the end of January 2023. It is already available on Desktop and on Google Play and will also soon be available on IOS.

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