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Conquer the Jungle!

Classic (beta)

Experience thrilling weekly competitions on a new map!

Each week, players compete for a weekly prize pool made of stable coins, GLMR and our game test token GLMB.

The battle for the weekly prize pool begins every Monday at 18:30 UTC and concludes the following Monday at 16:00 UTC. During this time, the server undergoes brief maintenance to introduce the new map and prepare for the next week (you cannot play during this time).

The main prize pool is made of GLMR and rewards the players with best 100 accumulated scores of the week while a special prize pool dedicated to players who hold GLMR APES rewards them with GLMB (the game test token).

The rewards are usually sent to your player's account on the Tuesday or Wednesday following the end of the week. It's then up to you to click on the rewards section of the game in order to claim your rewards.

On top of the competitive rewards, you also receive a little bit of GLMB (game test token) for each point you score with a gibbon.

The GLMB test token can be used to upgrade your Gibbon NFT (level up), to purchase boosters, to buy banana shakes (unlock your apes) and/or to get Ape Spirits (temporary point bonus).

PvP (alpha)

Compete against your friends! Wage some GLMB against a fren on any map.

You can create your game! Choose your map, get as many points as you can and wait for a fellow ape to take up your challenge. Scores are revealed after both Apes have completed the run. Winner takes all minus a small fee.

Training (beta)

The training mode allows you to play on all the maps that were once available for the classic mode weekly competition.

This game mode does not offer any rewards but let you access all the apes and badges you want, which is a great way to try the game for free or test different strategies to perfect your playing style.

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