🚀Jungle Boosts

Get a little edge for the time of a game session

Jungle Boosts are consumables which can be bought at the beginning of each game session to confer additional powers to your character.

Unlike Badges which are permanent, Jungle Boosts only increase your stats for the duration of 1 game session.

You can use only use 1 Jungle Boost per game session.


Ape Mana

+5% HP

0.2 GLMB

Banana Bounce

+5% Jump height

0.3 GLMB

Turbo Boost

+5% Speed

0.5 GLMB


Get resurrected at the latest flag after falling down the first time.

0.7 GLMB

Banana Bullets

+3 bullets on your banana gun

0.3 GLMB

More Jungle Boosts are currently on the way... Stay tuned for the next update!

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