⬇️Claiming your rewards

Congrats, you aced it! Now it's time to claim your rewards.

Once the week is over (on Mondays), the leaderboard ranking for that given week becomes final but you will still have to wait for up to 48 hours to get your rewards.

In order to get your rewards, you must actively claim them.

All of your rewards coming from the different prize pools (Classic, GLMA mode and Battle of the Apes) become claimable 24h to 48h after the end of the week on your player's profile.

To claim your rewards, you will simply need to click on the rewards button and will be redirected to our website.

After connecting your wallet to the website, you will have the recap of how much rewards you have won. Click on CLAIM and approve the transaction in your wallet in order to collect your rewards.\

If you forgot to claim your rewards, no need to panic as the rewards remain on your profile and are claimable at all times even many weeks after you received them.

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