Power up your apes.
Apes do fine by themselves alone, but you can beef them up a little by equipping them with badges NFTs. There are two types: Great Badges and Minor Badges.
Before the start of each game session, you can equip your ape with up to two badges (1 great and 1 minor)

Great Badges:

Species Badges

The Species Badges match different types of apes in the game and make your apes stronger in specific ways like health, speed, and jumping.
They are four categories of badges, ranging from the least to the most powerful: Bronze, Silver, Golden, and Diamond badges.

Apemocrats Badges:

These badges were given to GLMR APES holders who participated in the DAO's vote ( It always pay to be active and involved in the community's future).
Apemocrats badges add a bonus to your fruit score at the end of each game session.
The badges also come in four classes: Bronze (+2%), Silver (+3%), Golden (+5%), and Diamond (+7%).

Minor Badges:

These badges offer additional enhancements to your gameplay. Unlike great badges, the minor badges do not have any class (in other words, they're all the same).
  • 🍍 Fruit Taster will transform the first 3 rotten fruits you eat into good fruits.
  • 🅰️ The Letter doubles the score for collecting special letters in the game.
  • 🥥 Coco Helmet protects you from enemy hits for a short time.
  • 🧲 Juicy Attraction helps attract good fruits with a magnet.
  • ⏳ Master of Time gives you extra game time on each map. (+10 seconds)
  • 😡 Ape Wrath increases the score you earn for defeating enemies. (x1,66)
Choose your badges wisely to make your Ape NFT even more powerful and have an edge in The Great Escape!

How to get a badge?

All the Great and Minor Badges have been sold out already. The best way to grab one is to purchase or rent one from the secondary market.
Play a few game sessions in training mode to try all of these badges for free before spending any money.