🍹Banana shakes

Your apes are tired (locked) but you can't wait to play? Get them shakes!

🪫Know your Apes

The apes love running after some fruits, but they can quickly get tired and need to rest.

Gibbons: The Gibbons can play up to 3 games in a row before needing to rest. It will take them 8 hours to recover their games.

GLMR Jungle: Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans and Bonobos can only play 1 game every 12 hours before needing to rest.

GLMR Apes can only play 1 game every 24 hours.

However, there's a way for them to recover their energy without having to wait: Banana Shakes

🍌 Banana Shakes

You can easily purchase some shakes at the in-game store using your GLMB tokens.

The Banana shakes allows you to recover 1 game without having to wait. However, be careful because your apes are greedy creatures.

The more shakes they drink, the more shakes it will take them to recover one game session.

When you drink a shake, you initially recover 1 game. During the 24 hours following that initial shake intake, your apes will each time require twice as many shakes to recover 1 game session.

Once 24 hours have gone by since the first shake you drunk, the timer is reset to 0.

Within 24 hours:

Games recovered within the past 24 hoursShakes required to recover 1 game

1 st time

1 shake

2nd time

2 shakes

3rd time

4 shakes

4th time

8 shakes

5th time

16 shakes

any additional time

32 shakes

You can purchase the Banana shakes in-game (store):

x5 shakes = 2 GLMB

x20 shakes = 7 GLMB

x50 shakes = 15 GLMB

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